Being creative

It’s been nearly four whole days since the start of the Spanking Race and already, as a group, we are nearly at 2,000 spanks. That’s quite a lot.

One thing that I have been asked about is rule 4 which says: “Every increase in count must be made by a different implement and in a different position from the time before; this is to vary the strikes and experiences.”

With this in mind, I was in our local supermarket today and I caught sight of this:


It’s a silicone spatula for cooking, but it was reduced to 25 pence – that’s around $0.35 – so I pulled it down from the shelf and started testing it’s spanking potential on my palm. I got some funny looks.

I can say that, after being paddled 100 times with it in our kitchen, it certainly packs a nice punch but is nowhere near as intense as the wooden implements.

So I am now on four days, four sets of spankings, four different rooms with four different implements in four different positions. I may need to start some repetition soon!

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