2000 Spanks Rules

  1. The contestants are “racing” each other to be the first to get to 2,000 spanks from their partner or partners.

  2. All forms of impact play are permitted including, but not limited to, spanking with an open hand, caning, paddling and striking with a hairbrush, misery stick or wooden spoon.

  3. Strikes made to all safe areas of the body (excludes spine, kidneys, hips, face, ears and neck) on naked or clothed flesh are valid.

  4. Every increase in count must be made by a different implement and in a different position from the time before; this is to vary the strikes and experiences! 🙂

  5. Each contestant will be limited to 100 strikes a day; this is to prevent the risk of injury.

  6. Each contestant shall “tweet” the amount of spanks they receive with the hash-tag #spankrace

  7. The co-ordinator will update, or arrange for the web page to be updated once a day. If he forgets or makes a mistake, then this oversight can be reported to @jd_wifey who will administer any punishment she sees fit, that will not count towards his score. The remaining contestants are permitted to giggle, tease and taunt.

  8. Pictures and proof of the punishment may be uploaded to the website, but this is not mandatory.

  9. Contestants who have Deep Heat, ginger or any other irritant covered on their blistered flesh will be offered considerable sympathy but no additional points.

11 comments on “2000 Spanks Rules
  1. Anna Sky says:

    Just to clarify #4 as S and I are total pedants… “Every increase in count must be made by a different implement and in a different position from the time before” – is that a different body position to be spanked, or a different physical position in which to be spanked?

    • johndstories says:

      I had envisaged it as a different physical location – the idea being that, in the bedroom, over the ottoman with the cane 2000 times would get a bit repetetive.

      So one time could be on the bed with the cane, and the next time up against the wall with the paddle, then over the knee with the open hand then back to the bed, etc. I can remove it if people wish.

      This is a total democracy! 🙂

  2. Anna Sky says:

    Oh no, it’s more fun your way! S and I have decided to come up with different scenarios, places and implements in advance – more of a game for us 😉

  3. katy says:

    I’m in – I just have one question – my “partner” for this challenge is remote, and thus will instruct me how to spank myself, where, when, how many times etc.

    She is very creative – can I still play ?

  4. […] https://sexchallenges.wordpress.com/2000-spanks/2000-spanks-rules/  This blog was written by @johndstories. You can follow him on Twitter.  He’s a fellow spanko and is as nuts about the subject as I am.  in a nutshell it’s a race to 2000 spanks but you can only count up to 100 spanks a day.  That’s so our Tops don’t get too carried away!  If anyone who reads this wants to join in then you are more than welcome as there are only five entrants at the moment.  You might have some serious catching up to do though!  If you do join  in you have to tweet how many you got nd what with on the hashtag #spankrace.  You can also use that hashtag to follow along and see how all us poor bottoms are coping! The idea is that each day you get spanked with a different implement and in different positions.  It’ll be interesting to see how creative Mistress can get!   I’ll be tweeting updates and pics each day and maybe blogging as well.  And may the best spankee win…. […]

  5. Katy says:

    How do I get u to record my 1st 100 from today?

    • johndstories says:

      If you have a twitter account just tweet “100 #spankrace” or “@johndstories 100 #spankrace” or just email me whenever you get an increase or drop a comment in to the scoreboard. 🙂

  6. PiecesofJade says:

    Too bad you have a 100/day rule! I could have gotten 2000 spanks easily at Tryst (a weekend kink event we are attending) by asking folks to help out. 😉 But I’m pretty sure I can’t talk the guys into spanking me daily. (sad face) This sounds like fun tho, and I’ll be watching!

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